Deep Learning Vision Engineer

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Geomagical Labs is an AI startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, applying novel computer vision technologies to an exciting consumer application for millions of people.

We have an opening for a Deep Learning Vision Engineer with strong academic foundations and substantial hands-on experience with image-based TensorFlow neural networks, to join our core startup team of computer vision scientists and engineers. As a Deep Learning Vision Engineer, you will design, implement, analyze and tune state-of-the-art hybrid machine vision architectures and data pipelines for broad vision problems such as segmentation, scene flow, depth estimation, classification, denoising, rendering, style transfer, object detection & information fusion.

This position requires strong theoretical foundations, excellent engineering skills, and sound scientific method. You must be familiar with state-of-the-art CNN architectures and training techniques for practical vision problems, and be eager to solve technical problems that you may have not encountered before. You must also have practical data ninja skills to efficiently process data, manage data pipelines, and analyze results.

Candidates must also be adventurous and enthusiastic about an early startup experience!


  • Computer science & machine learning foundations from a competitive university/laboratory (strong M.S. or Ph.D.), not just online coursework.
  • Have developed TensorFlow deep neural nets for computer vision applications from scratch.
  • Solid 2D & 3D computer vision foundations (theory & practice).
  • Mastery of TensorFlow/PyTorch.
  • Solid programming skills in Python & numpy in Linux environments.
  • BONUS: Industrial experience applying deep learning to various computer vision problems is a big plus.
  • BONUS: Docker proficiency a plus.
  • BONUS: C++ systems software engineering skills a plus.
  • BONUS: Performance engineering skills (measure & optimize CPU, GPU, I/O) a plus.
  • Must be excited about seed-stage startups; entrepreneurial, comfortable with risk & uncertainty.


  • Rare opportunity to join an early startup adventure, led by founders who've taken two startup teams through IPO.
  • Substantial stock equity packages, of the sort only available to early startup employees.
  • Opportunity to publish novel and influential research, participate in scientific conferences, and collaborate with partners in academia.
  • We are located in Mountain View, California, near bicycle trails and Caltrain.
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Do you have strong computer science & machine learning academic foundations from a competitive university/laboratory (not just online classes)?
Have you implemented non-trivial TensorFlow deep neural networks for vision applications, not including class projects?
Have solid understanding of 2D & 3D computer vision theory & practice?
Do you have practical mastery of TensorFlow and its inner workings?
Are you a strong Python programmer, experienced with numpy, in Linux environments?
Are you a "data ninja" with practical data processing, and analysis skills?
Have solid academic foundations in statistics?
BONUS: Have you had a key role applying deep learning to computer vision problems in industry?
BONUS: Are you proficient at Docker?
BONUS: Are you a strong C++ programmer?
BONUS: Are you skilled at measuring and optimizing system performance (CPU, GPU, I/O) on Linux environments?