3D Vision Researcher

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Geomagical Labs is a Bay Area startup, applying novel computer vision technologies to a mass-scale consumer application to be used by millions.

We have an opening for a 3D computer vision scientist with strong academics and substantial experience in 3D reconstruction and multiview geometry, to join our core startup team of computer vision specialists. This could be a dream job for highly-motivated applied researchers with entrepreneurial drive.

As a 3D Reconstruction Researcher, you will work with our team of vision scientists in an applied R&D role, to innovate novel 3D pose estimation and 3D reconstruction technologies for our mobile and cloud-based applications, fusing hybrid features and unique geometric priors.

Candidates must have deep proficiency in the foundations of sparse and dense perspective computer vision including multiple view perspective geometry, structure from motion, MVS. This position requires strong theoretical foundations, excellent software development skills, and sound scientific method. Candidates must also be adventurous and enthusiastically excited about a seed-stage startup experience!


  • Strong academic foundations from a competitive university/lab (Ph.D. preferred)
  • Substantial experience building 3D geometric vision & 3D reconstruction technologies
  • Strong foundational understanding of 3D projective geometric technologies related to multiple view 3D perspective geometry (e.g. projective mathematics, triangulation, stereo & multi-view geometry, vanishing points, homographies, epipolar search, SfM, SLAM, VIO, multi-view stereo, meshing, photogrammetry)
  • Strong applied math skills in linear algebra, PDEs, 2D/3D projective mathematics
  • Strong C++ software development skills in Linux environments
  • Significant hands-on experience with linear & non-linear optimization and bundle adjustment
  • Significant hands-on experience with 2D computer vision feature-level image fundamentals
  • Hands-on 2D & 3D computer graphics experience desired
  • U.S. work visa required - We are a small startup & can't reliably obtain visas.


  • Rare opportunity to join an early tech startup adventure when it is less than ten people, led by founders who've taken two startup teams through IPO.
  • Substantial stock equity packages, of the sort only available to early startup employees.
  • Opportunity to publish novel and influential research, participate in scientific conferences, and collaborate with partners in academia.
  • Headquartered in Mountain View, California, in the heart of the Castro Street downtown, an easy walk from Caltrain and bicycling trails.
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Do you have strong academic foundations from a competitive university/laboratory, emphasizing 3D geometric vision (M.S./Ph.D. preferred)?
Do you have strong linear algebra math skills?
Do you have strong numerical optimization math skils?
Do you have strong C++ software development skills, including modern features as in C++11?
Do you have significant hands-on experience with computer vision 2D feature-level image fundamentals (feature detection, correspondence matching, and tracking)?
Have you developed software to visualize 2D & 3D computer graphics?
We are a very early startup company. Are you excited about seed-stage startups? Are you entrepreneurial? Are you comfortable with risk & uncertainty. Do you have the drive to make big opportunities from new ideas?