Back-End Platform Developer

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Geomagical Labs is an AI startup, developing an exciting consumer application, for millions of people.

We are looking for a back-end engineer, with excellent systems software experience, to join our startup team and lead our back-end platform development.

As platform infrastructure developer, you will work closely with Geomagical Labs' core team of technologists to design and develop our end-to-end cloud technology platform for our mass-scale consumer application. The role includes development of data pipelines, application servers, networked services, databases, and APIs to provide real-time support for web clients, mobile clients, and algorithmic services.

In addition to production apps and services, you will develop prototypes, algorithms, tools, benchmarks, data sets, and contribute to the design and construction of a continuous integration software development environment.


  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent (advanced degree preferred).
  • Advanced C++ and Java software engineering skills.
  • Proficient at modern dynamic languages (e.g. Python, Javascript, Ruby).
  • Solid grasp of web technologies from front to back-end.
  • Substantial experience developing networked data/API services.
  • Solid hands-on database skills, including SQL programming, administration, and database theory.
  • Solid grasp of Internet networking theory and practice (TCP/IP, DNS, RPC, message queuing).
  • Experience developing full-stack applications on MVC foundations
  • Experience developing Linux apps on cloud platform (e.g. Amazon EC2).
  • Action-oriented builder, who "gets things done".
  • Analytical thinker, with excellent scientific method and debugging skills.
  • Experience using git and continuous-integration for distributed software projects.
  • Bonus points for experience building successful, high-scale applications.
  • Bonus points for experience optimizing systems performance and parallel processing.
  • Bonus points for nosql development experience.
  • Bonus points for experience developing operational tools & monitoring for highly-available services.
  • Enthusiastic about seed-stage startups - adventurous, comfortable with risk & uncertainty.


  • Rare opportunity to join an early tech startup adventure when it is less than ten people, led by founders who've taken two startup teams through IPO.
  • Lay the architectural groundwork and features of a major service from the ground floor.
  • Unique exposure to revolutionary technologies in artificial intelligence and computer vision.
  • Located in downtown Mountain View, near restaurants, coffee, bicycle trails and Caltrain.
  • Substantial stock equity possibilities, of the sort only available to early startup employees.
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B.S. in Computer Science, from a competitive university?
Are you an advanced Java & C++ software engineer, with understanding of modern capabilities?
Skilled with modern dynamic languages (like Python, JavaScript, Ruby)?
Solid grasp of web technologies from front to back-end?
Experience developing robust data/API network services?
Solid hands-on and theoretical SQL database skills?
Solid grasp of Internet networking theory and practice (TCP/IP, DNS, RPC, message queuing)?
Experience developing full-stack applications on MVC frameworks?
Experience developing Linux apps on cloud platform (e.g. Amazon EC2)?
Have experience analyzing, debugging, profiling and optimizing software, using sound scientific method?
Have you developed substantial software projects using continuous integration & git?
Have you developed software for a high-scale production application?
Do you have nosql development experience?
Have you ever developed operational tools & monitoring for highly-available services?