Computational Photography Researcher

Mountain View, California, United States


We are looking for an imaginative Computational Photography scientist to join our core startup team of vision and graphics researchers. In this role, you will develop novel algorithms to generate beautiful, SLR-quality photography & videography from conventional smartphones, using the latest advancements in odometry, depth perception, dense optical flow, style transfer, and re-rendering.

This position requires practical experience developing a wide range of photographic imaging algorithms, such as experience in image alignment, novel view synthesis, multi-aperture fusion, HDR, super resolution, motion stabilization, mosaic stitching & blending, synthetic depth of field, VR capture & conversion, multiview/polycameras, synthetic lighting & relighting, ray tracing.

Ideal candidates will have a solid academic foundations in 3D computer vision and computational imaging, and some experience with 3D graphics --- combined with strong scientific method, substantial hands-on software development experience, and a deep appreciation for visual aesthetics.



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